Importance of Skin Elasticity for Good Liposuction Results

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Skin elasticity is your skin’s ability to stretch and then return to its normal shape and position after being stretched. The level of your skin’s elasticity is driven mainly by two important proteins: collagen and elastin. Higher, healthy levels of these two proteins help give skin its youthful and firm appearance. Unfortunately, as we age, these proteins begin to deteriorate and skin begins to lose its firmness and elasticity.

Why Skin Elasticity is Important for Liposuction

Good skin elasticity is an important factor for determining if you are a good candidate for liposuction. After your body undergoes liposuction and body contouring, you will want your skin to snap back into place – not droop or wrinkle. Therefore, good skin elasticity can help you get closer to your desired liposuction results. Very poor skin elasticity, on the other hand, can lead to some undesired liposuction results. It is important to speak with your liposuction doctor or surgeon about your skin’s elasticity and determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

The quality of your skin’s elasticity can be affected by several factors, which include your age and any weight changes. As we age, collagen and elastin begin to deteriorate. Additionally, if you gain or lose a significant amount of weight, your elasticity may be negatively impacted.

How to Improve and Protect Your Skin’s Elasticity

There are ways to improve your skin elasticity or even protect it after liposuction. One of the most important ways is to stop smoking if you smoke. You may be aware that smoking causes premature facial wrinkling. But it’s not just your facial skin that is affected. Smoking can affect skin all throughout your body. Cigarettes are full of harmful chemicals and impair the ability of your body to deliver key nutrients and blood to your organs (including your skin).

Another way to improve elasticity or even save it from further damage is by protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays. The sun’s light can cause damage to the elastin and collagen. Therefore, it is important to wear sunscreen, stay in the shade, and wear protective clothing when out in the sun for long periods of time or are out during peak UV times.

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