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Below are examples of services provided for our patients and their results.
Patient 2 - HD Liposculpting
Patient 9 -  HD Liposculpting Stomach/Back
Patient 6 - HD Liposculpting - Abs
Liposuction - Hourglass
Liposuction - Stomach/Sides
Liposuction - Hourglass
Patient 7 -  HD Liposculpting
Patient 8 -  HD Liposculpting Arms
Patient 1 - Brazilian Butt Lift
Fat Transfer Butt Lift 3
Patient 5 - Brazilian Butt Lift
Patient 4 - Fat Transfer - Breasts
Patient 3 - Fat Transfer - Breasts
Micro Needle RF - Cheeks
Micro Needle RF - Mouth
Micro Needle RF - Scar Reduction
Micro Needle RF - Neck
Micro Needle RF - Sun Spots
Micro Needle RF - Cheeks
Micro Needle RF - Chin
Micro Needle RF - Wrinkles
Micro Needle RF - Wrinkles
Micro Needle RF - Stretch Marks
Micro Needle RF - Chin
Micro Needle RF - Acne
TruSculpt ID 1
TruSculpt ID 2
TruSculpt ID 6
TruSculpt ID 7
TruSculpt ID 8
TruSculpt ID 9
TruSculpt ID 10
TruSculpt ID 11
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