Post Liposuction Lifestyle: A Walkthrough of Do’s and Don’ts

post liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery that people have begun to invest in. It is the fastest and easiest ways to get rid of any unwanted fats cells deposits in your body going from obese to fit with just surgery.

Since fat cells usually just generate during puberty, liposuction can be a permanent solution. However, maintenance of your new body is key here and there are some do’s and don’ts that you need to follow to ensure that you continue to have the body you want.

Do’s Post Liposuction

  • You need to get a lot of rest after the surgery so expect to take a few days off. The healing will take its own time during the whole process, but you can also choose to relax at spas to hurry the process up.
  • After the surgery, it is imperative to follow the doctor’s instructions. They usually outline when you need to start wearing compression garments and for how long. Listen to what they have to say and follow.
  • The doctor also prescribes the right kind of diet for your body to maintain the new look. Eating the right kind of meals involve eating less processed foods which have high-fat content or high sugar content so do avoid those. Having meals with protein like grilled chicken or foods with high fiber like oatmeal is a much better option.
  • Talk to your doctor about when to start exercising after the surgery. Usually, people can perform light exercises after a week or so. However, after you are completely fit it is recommended to maintain a better workout routine. Resistant or aerobic exercise can help greatly, such as jogging, swimming, or cycling. But remember to only begin these when your doctor gives you the thumbs up.


  • Don’t smoke. Smoking can actually lead to complications within the surgery so it is recommended to quit one or two months prior to the surgery. After the surgery it can also affect the healing process, so to speed up the process post surgery smoking should also be avoided.
  • Don’t take any medication that your doctor hasn’t subscribed to you or given approval of. Even supplements which have higher vitamin E counts or even aspirins should be avoided. This is because they can increase chances of blood clotting. This can hinder the healing process of your body.
  • Don’t expect to see results right away. Your body will change positively but true liposuction results can take up to 3 months to show. Some people may begin to feel lighter immediately post surgery, but most people only see actual results over some time.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact a doctor if you face any problems or have any questions. Doctors exist to ease you through the process and ensure you highest comfort so it is better to get your queries addressed as soon as possible.

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