4 Cosmetic Treatments to Look Great for Your Wedding Day

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Of course you want to look great for your big day! There are a variety of cosmetic procedures and treatments you can consider to make sure you look picture-perfect for your wedding day. Keep in mind that some procedures require longer recovery times than others. Liposuction, for example, would most likely need to be done a few months in advance while a dermal filler treatment could be done a lot closer to the wedding. Take a look at some treatments to consider.   

4 Cosmetic Treatments for a Picture-Perfect Wedding

#1 Liposuction  

Liposuction and HD liposculpting are a great way to trim down any extra stubborn fat. Liposuction can be done almost anywhere on the body – such as the abdomen, back, arms, thighs, buttocks, and chest. Common areas treated include love handles, muffin tops, upper arm fat, and upper back fat near the bra area (aka bra bulge).

Liposuction involves inserting cannulas into the treated area. The cannulas help break apart fat tissue and suction out the fat. Both men and women can receive liposuction, which makes this a procedure for both the bride and groom!

If you do plan to get liposuction, consider planning the procedure a few months before your wedding. You’ll want enough time for any bruising or swelling to go away. Most patients at Apex Medical Spa notice liposuction results immediately; however, general time for results to fully show is about 3 months. If you are looking for a Las Vegas liposuction doctor, contact Apex Medical Spa! We use vibration-supported liposuction, which is the modern way of fat removal!

#2 Botox® Injections

Botox® injections treat wrinkles in the forehead, brow, and the around the corner of the eye. Botox results are often seen within a day or two; however, it is recommended to get the injections a week or two before the wedding. Results last about 4 months.

#3 Breast Enhancement Through Fat Transfer

When it comes to breast enhancement, you may think about breast implants. However, fat transfer is another procedure that can enhance the volume and shape of breasts. If you are looking for a more natural approach to breast enhancement, fat transfer may be a good option for you. Unlike breast implants that place a foreign object in you, fat transfer uses your own fat. A doctor takes fat from one area of your body and injects it into your breasts. This is a procedure that would most likely need to be done a few months in advance of your big day.

#4 Reduce a Double Chin with Kybella®

Kybella® is a non-surgical treatment for a double chin. These injections work by breaking down fat cells under the chin. The result is a more aesthetically pleasing chin profile. If considering Kybella for your wedding, you may want to start a few months in advance. Multiple treatment sessions are usually needed, and the number of treatments depends on the amount of fat under your chin and your desired goals. Kybella® treatments are typically spaced out every month.

Find a Medical Spa Near You

A medical spa often offers these procedures and treatments. If you are looking for any of these treatments in the Las Vegas or Henderson area, contact Apex Medical Spa. We specialize in liposuction, liposculpting, fat transfer, Botox, Kybella, and other skin rejuvenation treatments. Be sure to plan in advance and ask our doctor when it is the best time to have these treatments.

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